DS55, DuraSpin attachment 55mm Makita Cordless & Corded

Article number 9Z2021N

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The DS55 attachment is a screw fastening attachment that fits different existing screwdrivers in the business. It bring the DuraSpin technology to the tool you already own and trust. The new DuraSpin Auto-Feed attachments turns your standard screwdriver into a collated screw system. No need to buy an entire new tool, this DuraSpin Attachments fits onto different screwdrivers (check if it fits your tool in the more product specific product information). This attachment is helping the user save money while still being able to experience great DuraSpin efficiency. Capable of driving screws diameter 3,5-5,5mm from 25-55mm in length. Ideal for many applications in wood and/or metal.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable depth-of-drive with depth lock, Detachable feed system for esier reversing, Tool free adjustable nose-piece, Corner-fit feed system, Feed on return.


Depending of the tool speed (RPM) in combination with your screw type this attachment can be used for different applications like; Drywall (to wood or steel studs), Cement board, Underlayment, Sheating to steel, Metal framing, Structural steel decking, Rigid foam insulation.


Technical specifications

280 mm
372.4 mm
140.5 mm
Min. length fastener 1
25 mm
Max. length fastener 1
55 mm
Magazine capacity
50 pieces
Includes case
Fastener type
Collated Screws
Fastener length 1
25-55 mm
Screw diameter
3.5-5.5 mm

Non-technical specifications

1 year(s)
Net weight
Net weight unit

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